Eye problems

When your eyes are irritated, they may develop more mucus. Daily mucus in your eyes is common, but excessive amounts sometimes indicate a deeper eye problem. 

What signs should we look out for?

Eye infection symptoms include:

  • Tear production and redness
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Inflammation

The following eye problems might result in an excessive amount of mucus being produced in your eye:


Dry eye disease

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, your tears aren’t properly moistening your eyes. It might cause your eyes to produce so many tears that they spill over. Any contact with the eye, such as cleaning or touching it, can lead to infection, pain, and inflammation.



A virus, irritation, allergy, or bacterial infection can all cause conjunctivitis. Redness, irritability, and frequent eye watering are some of the symptoms. A heavy discharge of yellow or green mucus may also result from it.

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An obstruction may cause dacryocystitis, an infection of the tear ducts. Although adults can also contract it, newborns are more prone to do so. Eye discharge is the primary symptom.



An infection of the eyelids is called blepharitis. Your tears’ aberrant or inadequate oil secretion may be the cause. It might increase tear production, redness, and crusty eyelashes in the morning. It could come back again and again.


How is it diagnosed?

See your eye doctor if you experience continuous mucus discharge from your eyes. It is crucial to have the proper diagnosis. An early response can stop the problem from getting worse. 

Your doctor will want to determine what initially irritated your eyes. 



Other therapy could be required if you have eye problems like dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, or another eye ailment. The following are some possible therapies for these varied conditions:

  • eye drops for lubrication
  • antibiotics 
  • warm or cold compresses
  • steroids for the eyes

If you are experiencing one of these eye problems, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Porter, OD or Dr. Will Watson, OD for an eye exam. Our optometrists at the Walmart Vision Center have been trained to diagnose and treat any of the eye problems described above. 

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