Regular eye exams can detect if you have any eye problems or other health issues unrelated to your vision. It is essential to have an annual eye test, especially when you feel changes in your eyes.

After you have booked your next eye exam, preparing ahead of time is essential to reduce stress. We have 9 tips to ensure you are ready for your next eye exam with your optometrist.

1. Know your medical issues. 

Various medical problems are linked to different eye illnesses. Thyroid problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and autoimmune disorders are all related to vision problems. Understanding your medical history increases the chances of treating your eye condition properly.

2. Be aware of your family’s eye problems history. 

Many eye conditions are genetic. The most common eye conditions are macular degeneration, glaucoma, and retinal detachments. If you have a family history of one of these conditions, your eye doctor’s suggestions for treatment may differ from someone who does not have a family history.

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3. Keep Track of Any Symptoms

Keeping track of any symptoms or changes in your vision connected to your eye problem is essential. Remember to include the length of time you have been experiencing these symptoms.

These are some symptoms:

  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Floaters or flashes
  • Headaches
  • Color changes
  • Eye pain
  • Having difficulty seeing up close

4. Remember to bring your corrective lenses. 

If you are wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, remember to bring them along with your prescription. Your optometrist will check if the contacts or eyeglasses you use are still the correct measurements or if you must change them.  

5. Bring a friend or companion mainly because of these two reasons:

  • Having a second set of ears is always preferable to hear what the doctor says, mainly if the situation is serious. Several studies reveal that people often mishear or forget what they have been told, especially if they are nervous. 
  • It is best not to drive home when your eyes are dilated. Many individuals can do it with ease, while others cannot. If you are unsure if you can drive comfortably with dilated eyes, having someone else drive you home is the best option.

6. Make sure to bring your insurance card with you.

Know your coverage and if you have a co-pay or will have to pay out of cash if you have medical or vision insurance. You may find out more about this by checking with your insurance company. They will inform you of the vision benefits included in your policy. Walmart Vision Center will also be able to assist you with checking eligibility before your appointment.  

7. Be familiar with your medication.

Many drugs have been linked to certain eye disorders. Steroids, Fingolimodol, Amiodarone, Plaquenil, and Topamax, are some drugs that might cause eye problems. Inform your eye doctor about the medication you are taking.

8. Stay calm and focused.

Some people who will have their eyes checked for the first time get nervous even with a simple eye test, which is normal. Just relax and answer all the questions from your eye doctor. 

9. Make a list of any questions you have. 

It is so easy to forget something important that you are curious about. It is better to jot down all the questions you want to ask to ensure that you will get the answer from your eye doctor.

Everyone should get regular comprehensive eye exams, even if they do not experience vision problems. An eye exam is the only way to know if your eyes are healthy. Optometrists at Walmart Vision Center will look for early signs of eye problems during an eye exam.

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Jeffrey Porter or Dr. Will Watson. Our eye doctors give good eye care to people in Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Harvard, Illinois, and other nearby towns. 

Follow this checklist to have a better eye exam experience!

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