As winter temperatures begin to fall, you tend to forget giving primary eye care to your eyes as you are probably more concern to keeping your body warm.

Some people think summer is the only time they need to protect their eyes from the sun. However, it is also necessary to protect your eyes during the winter.

Many eye problems happen in the winter, such as dry air that causes irritation of the eyes and seasonal infections. There are ways to prevent your eyes suffer from these eye problems.

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Take note of the primary eye care tips provided below:

1. Wearing sunglasses is not only recommended in the summer, as UV radiation from the sun is harmful to the eyes regardless of season or temperature. You are at risk of developing long-term eye problems if you are constantly exposed to UV rays without protection. Cataracts, retinal degeneration, and rapid skin aging are potential issues you could face. That is why wearing sunglasses in the winter is advisable.

2. Protect your eyes from becoming dry. Because the air is cold and dry in the winter, people often complain of “dry eyes.” It is common to use heaters at home during the winter however, frequently using a house heater will more likely dry your eyes. This is because using a house heater reduces the air’s moisture, which dries out your skin and eyes. This prolonged exposure to dry, hot air irritates and dehydrates the eyes.

Drink a lot of water, stay away from direct heat sources, use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air in your home or office, and use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes from drying out. This primary eye care tip is very essential.

3. Take precautions against infection. During this time of year, colds and influenza are prevalent. Wash your hands before touching your eyes to prevent bacteria from spreading. Make sure to use hand soap and clean water all the time when washing hands to kill bacteria. You may also use hand sanitizer before touching your eyes.

4. Consume healthful foods to improve immunity. The greatest approach to safeguarding your eyes is to be physically and mentally strong. Consume a diet that provides eye-nourishing nutrients. 

5. Don’t share eye makeup. It may not be a good idea to share eye makeup with a friend or family member, despite your desire. You may develop a terrible viral, bacterial, or fungal eye infection. In this season, herpes and conjunctivitis are prevalent. So, don’t let other people use your makeup or share it with them. It is also best to always clean your makeup tools like brushes to prevent spreading of bacteria.

Also, make it a habit to check the expiration date of the products you are using.

6. Schedule checkups for your eyes. Regular eye exams are necessary to maintain good eyesight. Giving your eyes the primary eye care treatment will prevent you from vision problems. A comprehensive eye exam is advisable to take at least once a year to check the current status of your eyes. It will also help to determine if you have undetected vision problem that is need to be treated.

Make an appointment with one of our optometrists at the Walmart Vision Center Crystal Lake, IL or Walmart Vision Center Harvard, IL, to determine whether you have any of these dry eye conditions.  Our eye doctors can give you the primary eye care treatment to help relieve your dry eye symptoms.

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