A good pair of eyeglasses is an investment. Take care of your eyeglasses whether you use them every day or simply for reading or distance, they should be scratch-free, sturdy, and comfortable. How long the eyeglasses last will depend on how well they are taken care of.


Keep your hands clean.

Even though your hands seem clean, fingers can still transfer dirt or bacteria to eyeglass frames and lenses. Wash your hands or apply antibacterial solutions before cleaning lenses or frames. Dirt and grease might cause permanent lens damage or need more regular cleaning. Keeping your hands clean will make it easier for you to clean your eyeglasses.

Regular cleaning.

Clean your eyeglasses daily or every one to two days. When cleaning eyeglasses, use non-damaging materials like warm water, dish detergent, and a cotton or microfiber cloth. 

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Store your eyeglasses properly.

Putting your glasses on the countertop, dashboard, or sink edge might increase the danger of them dropping, being hit by anything, or being damaged. No matter what glasses you have, put your eyeglasses in their proper case that is sturdy. To protect them from damage, you should cover them with a cloth, preferably microfiber, before putting them inside the case.

Use both of your hands.

To protect the frames of your glasses, use both hands while removing them. One-handed usage might misalign or shatter frames over time. Don’t place them on your head, as this can cause frames to bend and stretch, eventually making them unfit.


Wrong cleaning solution.

Many individuals use their spit to wipe their glasses. It may get the job done, however, oils in your mouth might damage the lenses over time. Avoid using window cleaning products, bleach, and ammonia. Always have a cleaning agent on hand that can effectively clean the frames and lenses of your glasses without harming them.

Wrong cleaning material.

When nothing else is available, some people use a shirt, tissue, or paper towel to wipe their eyeglasses. Dirt or grease on these materials may harm the lens. Keep a microfiber cloth with your cleaning solution to wash lenses and frames. Most eyeglasses come with cleaning cloth. 

Wiping eyeglasses when they are dry.

Dust always falls on glasses. Cleaning your glasses while they are dry and dusty might scratch the lenses. Rinse the lenses with water or a cleaning solution to remove dust before wiping them.

Leaving eyeglasses inside the car.

Don’t leave your glasses on the dashboard, especially on hot days. Heat can damage frames and lenses. Make it a habit to put your eyeglasses in a protective case to prevent damage directly coming from the sun.

Getting new eyeglasses requires responsibility and knowing how to take care your eyeglasses properly. Visit us at the Walmart Vision Center Crystal Lake, IL or Walmart Vision Center Harvard, IL. Schedule your appointment to see one of our optometrists!

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